The Importance of Being Organized

by Elizabeth

With all the adjustments we’ve all had to make in our homes, finding some normality be-it organized or organized chaos has been quite a ride these days, to say the least! Shifting to a more productive day in your home while working remotely, homeschooling, running a household, and still finding time for yourself seems to have been at the peak of everyone’s list of challenges, not to mention the ever-evolving day-to-day to-do list!

Whether it’s the excuse that we lack the time or don’t have enough energy organizing our home and keeping it organized doesn’t even make it into our highlights of the day. Who’s got time for that, we’ve all said! The question is who’s got the time to waste stressing over where things are or panicking at a moment of hurry when you can’t find that one thing you need, can’t leave without, or would make the day/night better if only you can find it, now! And who’s got the money to burn (when it could go to better use when/if you waste it) when you realize you didn’t run out of mayo after all (it was just sitting in the very back of your fridge…

Harmony in the home. Do you wonder what the heck that is even like? How it feels… I’ve often wondered throughout my life. Then it came to me! Harmony is about your own comfort and ease of doing things vs. how it is expected of you by anyone. Harmony is when everyone in the home agrees to a common form of organized calm vs. panicked chaos. And sometimes, that takes quiet patience and time to prove that you’re ready before anyone else is. When you’re ready, you can help others be ready too.

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your home harmony selfcare coachHello, my name is Elizabeth Morales. I have been a Self-Care advisor for over 10 years and a Talent Acquisition professional for over 20 years. I derived people’s performance to match them with their most incredible life opportunities. Now I enjoy combining my talents and experience with practicing self-love and establishing healthy boundaries while incorporating self-respect and self-care into even the busiest of schedules and demanding lifestyles.

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