Mindfulness and Self Care Through Morning Walks

by Elizabeth

Are you struggling to find time for self-care and exercise? Here’s the deal: mornings can last for four hours or more if you wake up at the right time. You can divide up your usual morning routine and adjust it accordingly if you plan it out.

But you still need motivation. You can’t beat the kind of motivation you feel and remember from your own experience! So it’s a matter of giving it a go – try anything from taking a stroll, gliding, rowing, or anything else you’ve been thinking about.

By the time you finish reading this, I hope you’re inspired. While the majority rush to get to school and work, there are people who wake up earlier to work on a side hustle, exercise, and practice self-care. If you can’t fit in self-care before school and work, you can create a space during the day and adjust it as needed.

The most effective way to practice self-care is to prioritize it in the morning. Morning walks give you a sense of accomplishment and productivity that can carry you through the whole day. And taking care of yourself in the morning doesn’t mean you’re doing enough. Take care of yourself every day, including walking. You can stroll again in the afternoon or evening, whenever your schedule allows it.

Here are some tips for making a walk into an exercise and self-care habit:

Don’t talk on the phone while walking.

Taking a walk can be an incredibly calming and restorative experience, allowing you to clear your head and take some time for yourself. However, if you are on the phone while walking, it can make it difficult to reap the full benefits of this peaceful activity. Being on the phone while walking means that much of your attention is being taken away from enjoying the moment at hand and instead devoted to whatever conversation or task is taking place over the phone. This can cause distraction from noticing all of the beauty around you as well as interfere with mental clarity due to having multiple things going on at once. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of a peaceful walk, try leaving your phone behind!

Take a mindfulness walk and explore your surroundings, engaging all senses.

Taking a mindfulness walk is an excellent way to practice self-care and reconnect with the present moment. It involves exploring your surroundings with all five senses and being mindful of every step you take. By engaging in this activity, you can gain insight into yourself, boost focus and concentration, reduce stress levels, create more meaningful connections with nature and other people, as well as increase overall well-being. With each step taken on a mindfulness walk comes a greater awareness of not only your physical environment but also your inner world.

Listen to your breath and feel your heartbeat.

Acknowledge that you’re on this vast planet and take the time to appreciate it. Alternatively, focus on your footsteps when feeling overwhelmed.

Take a walk at sunrise or sunset.

You will feel energized in the morning and calm in the evening, and it will be a reminder to take your walk again.

Regardless of whether you use your two legs, a wheelchair or anything else, taking time out for self-care and exercise will bring you the inspiration and rejuvenation you need to fuel your motivation.

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