Making Healthy Choices & Balancing Life Realistically

by Elizabeth

Having the power of choice is freedom. Using that freedom empowers you. Choosing how to maneuver from here for any moment of your day brings balance, and you decide what is healthy for you. That is all part of the realistic balance. Healthy means something different to everyone, and everyone will make choices at various levels at any given time. Just like hunger drives you to choose to eat, the care of putting some effort into planning and preparing what your meals will be and at what time you’ll take these meals will be pivotal to solving the realistic balance of healthy choices in this aspect. From exercise to mental health, there are so many facets to making healthy choices in daily tasks. The balance you bring to the table, literally and figuratively, will create your own kind of healthy to your daily tasks, appointments, relationships (including the one with yourself), and plans.

There was a time when I knew a personal development coach who had written an article basically stating that work-life balance is bullshit. Well, my take on the subject is that it depends on how you look at it. If balance to you is very rigidly symmetrical, then I would bet that it is impossible to have that kind of balance in life. However! If you think of work-life balance as a ball on the nose of a sea-lion, then you’ll know that balance requires your keen eye, flexibility, and the grounding of your usual foundational matters. The key here is flexibility! You can’t do it all, and especially not all at once. The sea-lion can’t juggle and balance the ball simultaneously, nor can it eat while doing either. Understanding that there is never one moment where absolutely everything in your life is in perfect balance or that it is possible for anyone else, you begin to forgive yourself when expectations aren’t met. You know that you have optimally succeeded realistically balancing when you’ve tried your best and also included self-care in your day. I highly recommend reading the book called “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. There is a chapter about always doing your best (amongst so much valuable advice that will also create stronger mental health).

With every waking moment evolving into the next moment, the only thing you can expect is to grow within your own strength. To make healthier choices, stay flexible and forgiving. Balance life realistically by planning and preparing, give yourself credit for the healthy choices you make and always be aware of your own reality.

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your home harmony selfcare coachHello, my name is Elizabeth Morales. I have been a Self-Care advisor for over 10 years and a Talent Acquisition professional for over 20 years. I derived people’s performance to match them with their most incredible life opportunities. Now I enjoy combining my talents and experience with practicing self-love and establishing healthy boundaries while incorporating self-respect and self-care into even the busiest of schedules and demanding lifestyles.

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