Feeding Self-Care: Not your usual Nutrition

by Elizabeth

You’ve probably heard about “eat the rainbow” from a lot of books and bloggers, and you know where to find healthy recipes or restaurants that cater to your nutritional needs, but I’m not going to talk about them.

Self-care is exactly what it sounds like: self and care. First, you must ignite your own care in order to find the motivation to eat “right” and find inspiration where you can find it.

You’re probably glad to have that resource at home, along with books and pamphlets. We search online all the time, but what can we do with books and brochures so they don’t just collect dust at home? Here’s one idea:  

Place nutrition books and/or pamphlets in areas of the kitchen you use most. I think this would be a great combination if you already have a meal plan system. Set an alarm or a note to remind you to do your grocery shopping. Refer to books, pamphlets, notes, or anything else you find helpful to eat better. Become familiar with what foods to avoid and talk to a doctor or nutritionist if you need help. Be comfortable with the foods that are best for you (it takes practice; don’t be too hard on yourself).

Jot down what makes you feel sluggish after eating it. Be observant. Make a note of what seems to make you feel healthy and doesn’t cause any negative side effects. Be mindful of your body. Take a mental scan in the morning just after waking and recall what you were doing the night before. It’s tips and tricks like these that will get you on your way to healthy eating! Take note of everything your body tells you. You deserve it, so feed it right!

Now as far as cultivating the motivation to care about what you eat, we’ve covered self-care routines and rituals here on our website and will continue to do so. Please read or revisit our various ways to incorporate self-care even with the busiest schedule. Prioritizing yourself is always a top priority. Always.

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your home harmony selfcare coachHello, my name is Elizabeth Morales. I have been a Self-Care advisor for over 10 years and a Talent Acquisition professional for over 20 years. I derived people’s performance to match them with their most incredible life opportunities. Now I enjoy combining my talents and experience with practicing self-love and establishing healthy boundaries while incorporating self-respect and self-care into even the busiest of schedules and demanding lifestyles.

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