Mini Self-Care

by Elizabeth

Did you ever plan to do something for yourself and then realize you ran out of time? Then you feel terrible about not doing it and figure you’ll do it tomorrow, but still worry that if you don’t you’ll feel worse. There’s a balance to be struck with this kind of thinking. Organizing your time and prioritizing things will always help, but when the unexpected happens and you can’t do what you wanted to for self-care today, why not do mini self-care instead?

These are some examples of mini self-care:

  • Rather than going out for a walk/jog or hike, walk around your block, but remember to do it mindfully so that you are taking in every moment of that experience.
  • Try reading just one page, or even one side, of the book rather than setting an expectation of what you will usually do when reading.
  • Have only a few minutes to take a shower? Even though you would have liked to take a longer shower and include some of the spa-like care we talked about in other blogs here, you could do just one of the extras or drop a bath bomb in the shower and let the scent take over. There is almost no effort involved in this form of self-care.
  • Are you too busy to walk at sunset? When you are walking to the kitchen, you stop at the window to gaze at the sunset or glowing sunlight, take a deep breath, close your eyes and take another, and finally open your eyes for one final deep breath in and a long breath out.
  • Didn’t get the rest you needed today? Put on those fuzzy pjs and head to bed early. That may be all you need!
  • Give yourself credit (more of this in a previous blog) in this case by taking a moment during the time you take to check your calendar or to-do list with everything that is keeping you extra busy now and schedule something for yourself on your list or calendar. Although you’re not doing it now, you’re taking steps toward it.

Adding yourself to your already overburdened schedule counts.┬áNo matter how challenging your day is, enjoy every moment. Don’t forget to reward yourself for your efforts every day, if not every week. Doing your best requires you to take care of yourself as well!

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