Rituals Are Like Gifts: Your Self-love Gifts

by Elizabeth

Your life is only yours, right? If you cannot confidently answer this question, it is possibly because the question is fogged by those in your life for whom you are responsible for or influenced by others in charge of your life’s matters somehow. Still, your life is your life because only you manage the most inner deep thoughts and emotions. Granted, there are various external things, situations, and events out of your control that will sway your thoughts and emotions at any given time. Knowing this will be the beginning of awareness in cultivating healthy thoughts of self-acceptance. Understanding this helps you take power in making sure that you include any and all forms of self-care daily they’re able to do.

Self-care, when incorporated daily (and as thoroughly as can be while building up to a goal of consistency), can and should become ritualistic. When self-care is done in segments of the day, it can more easily be prepped and set for daily indulgence and success at a better consistency. Creating rituals with your self-care practices that you are capable of performing for yourself becomes so rewarding. These are gifts in life that only you can give yourself, even if it is assisted by someone else at times. These are magical moment gifts that no one can take away from you when you form habits and when you attach rituals to many activities that you are already doing or have to do —must do.

There will be days that you will not feel up to certain activities, including your self-care rituals, and in this case, you must have self-awareness and self-compassion. It is OK to skip, but it is more important to be aware of why you are skipping and that you can always help yourself hop back onto your self-care train, your rituals in-other-words. It is much easier to come back to self-care rituals when you’ve established them rather than if you haven’t started at all. It is easier to accomplish your self-care when you have prepped it and set yourself up for doing it. When you plan, prep,/set up, be aware that you are doing good for yourself. These are love gifts. Self-love. No one can give you self-love in your life the way that you can, obviously, so it is the greatest gift of life you can give yourself.

Take care of yourself. Know that you deserve to gift yourself the rewarding feeling and benefits of self-care by creating consistency through rituals and understanding the importance of the benefits and results from daily self-care and the power or empowerment it gives oneself confidently to take on life‘s challenges.

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