Taking Advantage of Daylight (leaving the folding for later)

by Elizabeth

Ever notice how daylight can make you particularly happy, excited, or even giddy? This is true, especially on days that come in with your favorite weather to bestow. Ever notice how daylight ending can make your day feel like it’s over or basically nearly coming to an end? There’s fact in saying that when you get more done during daylight, you feel more productive.

This may not play well for a self-proclaimed “night-owl,” however, because most of us use at least part or most of the night to ‘sleep’ (unless your on a swing-shift at work that doesn’t allow for this –you should especially read on), we tend to feel a rush of excitement when feeling productive based on places and resources being open during daylight hours and taking advantage of “getting things done.” While this opportunity may not always the case for everyone, it is, however, an example of how blocks of the day (timeframes if you will) can make a difference when you are trying to take the most advantage of the best benefits you can get out a particular part/s of any day.

If the sun is shining and there’s a soothing breeze outside…you better believe I’m going to take advantage of being outdoors. Being outdoors doesn’t always mean playtime or time to kick up your shoes. You can be just as productive outside as you can be inside; it’s all a matter of choosing what can be done outside and what things are more convenient indoors. Enjoying your favorite weather with a cup of coffee or tea rather than always from the kitchen table, bed, or other common always the same ‘ol place can be just the break in the monotony you need. Finding ways to use daylight (or the outdoors in your favorite weather) can be such a wonderful self-care treat!

So how do you think you can make this happen for yourself? Well, I can share this much: First, it’s all in the prep. When you set yourself up for the use of daylight time or outdoor space (i.e., doing homework while soaking in the pool, doing some gardening now instead of all of it later –all while taking in some sunny vitamin D as a vital bonus), your tasks suddenly become more fun, sparked with joy and increasingly become something to look forward to. There’s nothing more satisfying than ending your day or night knowing you were productive, fit in some self-care even on your busiest day, did something healthy for yourself (including good foods), and got to take advantage of what the day’s possibilities can bring. So leave that laundry folding for later! You know when you can do it (with or without interruption and no wrinkles if you lay it out neatly); plan ahead and enjoy your daylight! Get out and get some much-needed vitamin D!

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