Simple Self-Care Ideas You Can Do Today!

by Elizabeth

If getting on your bike is less hassle than getting your car out, you may want to think about walking then, ha!

I’m saying this to say let’s keep it simple! Here are some things you can do today, and with that, you’d be practicing self-care immediately! And I’ll also share some things you can line up for tomorrow!

Right Now

  • Stop what you’re doing and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths, each with more intention, all with listening to your breathing and smiling just because.
  • Close that phone or laptop, turn off that tv or radio, and head outside. Sit in the sunshine for a minute or two —maybe even take a cold or warm drink out with you, whatever is easiest. Come back inside and take one deep breath in and slowly out.
  • If your bike or car is air pumped/gassed up and ready to go, go for a ride with no destination. Just ride around a couple blocks and if an idea strikes to pick up a treat for yourself on the way home, give yourself permission to do it and enjoy it when you get home or somewhere without interruption.

In any activity, you must keep the most balanced or healthiest of habits in mind.


You know that bike ride you wanted to take (maybe a stroll or drive) that you didn’t do today? Prep it for tomorrow!

  • Walk through what you’d need to walk out the door and head out… Make sure nothing (or the least amount of obstacles) stands in your way or slows you down, and get out there! It can be a drag when it feels like work, so prepare ahead of time and strut out knowing you’re doing something good for Yourself.
  • Take yourself out to lunch. Self-care is not an afternoon with your friend. Self-care requires only “self” to do it, and it is the best way to truly spend time with yourself and get to know what you miss so you can do more of that for yourself.
  • Listen to your favorite music, light a candle (or incense, diffuser, or essential oil warmer), and just be. Make sure to close the door and be by yourself. Plan ahead and keep trying on the most practical and least inconvenient day/time each week. There’s nothing wrong with repeatedly trying until you can gain consistency.

There are endless ideas for self-care! You can start jotting down the ideas that work for you in a journal. Get ideas from our website here and anywhere you trust. You can always reach out to me and work on more ideas together.

Happy self-care time!

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