How Self-Care Saved My Life

by Elizabeth

This will be the hardest thing I’ll ever write… It’s been my heart’s intention to share it in hopes it would save a life or more… And this thought has been in my heart since the realization that self-care saved my life. This has driven my passion for self-care so much so that there’s so much to share about it that can help lives in so many ways that I wish I could say it all at once, however; then it gets stuck in a funnel in my mind…now slowly pouring out. 

My love for self-care is deep. There was a time in my life where according to doctors, therapists, friends, family, and colleagues, I’d suffered too many traumas too close together piled on top of lifelong issues I’d still not yet made peace with. I can safely say I never thought depression would be pulling at my ankles the way it did a few years ago. I didn’t think so because I’d already been depressed before and successfully emerged from it stronger than I felt I could ever be! There was no way depression would get a hold of me again! Not with the mental tools I’d used to combat any signs of that darkness every trying to creep in on me again. I felt invincible.

Suddenly, just a few years ago, I found myself unable to get out of bed. I could barely eat, and I’d only get up to shower and use the restroom (though I’d heard of more disempowered states; therefore, I thought I was ok and would be just fine…soon). I found myself going deeper into a dark depression… I recognized that my life had gotten drastically different. My garden was dying…and so was I. So I tried that “mental tool.” Ya, know…the one that helped me out of depression before… It helped to keep me afloat, to continue with my priorities, yet it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to “replay the feelings of happy moments” and yearn for those feelings again. It didn’t spark the fire in me that was required to live passionately again. Not even a trip across the country (or two) did the trick. Sure it woke me up from the mundane, and sure, that definitely helps. What was going to happen when I’d return from a said trip and face my realities of constant loss and pain.

I can more confidently say that if it weren’t for already having a self-care routine in place existing that I had built and can go back to, that I could pick up as little or much as I could and at the pace that I could while drowning in the horrid darkness, I could no longer fight to swim in called depression, I wouldn’t be here today to say what I’ve gotta say in hopes to make a loving impact on those who need to read this. And what I’ve got to say is that building a self-care routine is like constructing a freight train that’s going to whisk you away to health and happiness when your life derails you! Having a self-care routine to jump back to give me a vehicle in which to get to that “light at the end of the tunnel,” as one says. The beauty of it is that when you’re derailed and feeling lethargic, you can do only what your energy allows (so, a bit at a time is fine). You do more when you’re feeling up to it. The goal is to continue. Some days you’ll do more self-care; some days, you’ll do less depending on how you feel that day. You’ll have something enjoyable to do and look forward to. It is a tool to use to better your spirits, heal yourself, and remind yourself how much life feels like a daily opportunity and how much love you really deserve.

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your home harmony selfcare coachHello, my name is Elizabeth Morales. I have been a Self-Care advisor for over 10 years and a Talent Acquisition professional for over 20 years. I derived people’s performance to match them with their most incredible life opportunities. Now I enjoy combining my talents and experience with practicing self-love and establishing healthy boundaries while incorporating self-respect and self-care into even the busiest of schedules and demanding lifestyles.

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